Reasons Not To Breastfeed (by a breastfeeding mother)

OH HELL NO YOU DON’T IT’S 11PM FOR- Too late, the editor’s open. I have to write the article now. What was it about again? Oh yes. I tend to avoid bandwagons. For instance, I don’t read the news daily, I just wait until a bunch of people on social media start talking about it, and […]

The Things I Love About Her

To anyone who stumbled on this article without knowing what it’s about, no, this is not about all the things I love about my lesbian lover. I don’t have a lesbian lover, because a) my libido is on maternity leave, and (therefore?) b) my partner and I are not in an open relationship right now. […]

You will regret having kids

First of all, watch this video: Pessimistic, right? Any loving parent would surely disagree, especially one like me whose baby is generally smiley and easy-going, and who has been completely infatuated with her since the moment they put her on my chest? Yeah, no. They’re right. I have, and occasionally still do, regret having had […]

Cry-it-out vs. nursing to sleep: the lowdown

I’m gonna give it to you straight: contrary to what every baby sleep book out there will tell you, there is no set rule or formula to get baby to sleep that will work with every baby, every time. Whether you’re a Ferber fan or anti-Cry-It-Out to the core, statistically, if you have enough babies, one […]

Third Trimester Emotional Roller Coaster

(seriously though I really love that top, it’s the only thing that I can wear comfortably without looking like a sack of potatoes) Typical me to avoid blogging only to start at 10pm, knowing that I always take at least 2hrs to write a blog post. It’s not that I’ve had nothing to say. Rather, […]

Summer, Haptonomy and Baby Velociraptors.

Back when I thought I’d one day have my life together we decided we wanted kids, we thought long and hard about The Right Time to start. We took into account the season of birth (winter’s harder on a baby’s fragile immune system), down to the month (if I decided to continue my studies, between March […]