Reasons Not To Breastfeed (by a breastfeeding mother)

OH HELL NO YOU DON’T IT’S 11PM FOR- Too late, the editor’s open. I have to write the article now. What was it about again? Oh yes. I tend to avoid bandwagons. For instance, I don’t read the news daily, I just wait until a bunch of peopleĀ on social media start talking about it, and […]

You will regret having kids

First of all, watch this video: Pessimistic, right? Any loving parent would surely disagree, especially one like me whose baby is generally smiley and easy-going, and who has been completely infatuated with her since the moment they put her on my chest? Yeah, no. They’re right. I have, and occasionally still do, regret having had […]

Third Trimester Emotional Roller Coaster

(seriously though I really love that top, it’s the only thing that I can wear comfortably without looking like a sack of potatoes) Typical me to avoid blogging only to start at 10pm, knowing that I always take at least 2hrs to write a blog post. It’s not that I’ve had nothing to say. Rather, […]