Reasons Not To Breastfeed (by a breastfeeding mother)

OH HELL NO YOU DON’T IT’S 11PM FOR- Too late, the editor’s open. I have to write the article now. What was it about again? Oh yes. I tend to avoid bandwagons. For instance, I don’t read the news daily, I just wait until a bunch of peopleĀ on social media start talking about it, and […]


It started with a holiday. The word “holiday”, for me, has never been a synonym of “rest”, mainly because it’s either us visiting my family in France (which requires a ridiculous amount of organisation and my family are not known for being organised), or us going to a festival. Needless to say, with Baby Diva […]

Epidural or nah?

If there’s one thing everyone seems to have an opinion on, it’s whether or not I’m going to need an epidural when I give birth. On the one hand, you have what appears to be most of the Internet, which is basically saying that epidurals are Evil and Bad and Womens’ Bodies Are Made To […]