Who am I? (Trigger warnings)

Haha good question. I’ll get back to you on that after this existential crisis commercial break.

For the purposes of this particular blog, though, I’m a mum. I started writing this when I got pregnant, as a distraction from / place to complain about the horribly severe “morning” (lol) sickness. I felt cheated that nobody had warned me it could be this bad, or at least not in enough gory detail to prepare me for the reality of it. I am here to do that for you, dear reader. There will be talk of vomit, poo, mucus plugs and blood tests gone wrong. Prepare to be grossed out, put off pregnancy, and sorely tempted to adopt instead. Or just not have kids at all.

I mostly try to make it funny, but this served as a sort of cathartic diary too, and there’s some talk of mental illness, specifically anxiety and panic attacks. If you think I’ve missed a trigger warning somewhere in here, let me know.



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